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Sugar Smart Newcastle was launched in November 2018 to meet the priorities identified by consultations on the Good Food Plan 2018-20. The group have developed an action plan and established a broad membership to develop and monitor the plan, which covers a wide range of settings and activities. The key messages are to:


  • Reduce the frequency of sugar intake
  • Keep sugary foods and drinks as part of a meal
  • Reduce the amount of sugar consumed every day

With a settings based approach, to date our successes include:

  • Reduced the sugar in our School Meals – in 2018 a primary pupil is eating 722 grams less sugar than they would have in 2015. Trained 90 City Council school catering staff on Sugar Smart
  • Newcastle Hospital’s Trust removed sugar drinks in Trust Hospital run outlets and replaced with Zero Sugar and moved sugar items from point of sale
  • Increased options at Liz’s Café at the Lemington Centre to introduce a range of alternative cakes to the menu using fruit and vegetables. Also have a range of other healthy meals on offer including soups, curries and pasta dishes
  • Greenwich Leisure Limited have standardised their catering across sites in line with the sugar tax
  • Newcastle United Foundation’s Match Fit and Family Football cover the dangers of sugar in food and drinks and all sugary drinks are banned from sessions for participants and staff
  • Training has taken place with Early Years Health Trainers on sugar and a resource pack has been produced with Community Dental Health which has been used in the community and linked in with Sugar Awareness Week in November
  • HealthWORKS Early Intervention Trainers delivered Sugar Smart Assemblies to local primary school (240 children; 30 parents and 8 teachers).
  • Sugar Smart resources and information were used within the Best Summer ever sessions to children in West End primary school primary schools, Hodgkin Park and Lemington Centre


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