Pupils at Byker Primary School take part in the 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day' with the help of 'Food Nation' (based in Byker)......Celeste Brito........(pic Dave Charlton)

About Us

We were established in 2013 to bring together everything Newcastle can do to promote a vibrant and healthy food culture.

What we eat, how we access food and where it comes from all impact on the health and wellbeing of a city. In recent years Newcastle has seen the development of a number of activities aiming to foster a healthier food culture in order to tackle some of the city’s most pressing food challenges such as obesity, food poverty and local sustainability.

We are building a food partnership and forming relationships with others to drive demand for change and practical action on key food issues. We believe working together is important for ensuring our combined activities have the greatest possible impact.

Membership is open to any individual or organisation supporting our vision of creating a healthier food culture to improve the quality of lives in Newcastle.