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We love to hear about what you’re doing to create a healthier & more sustainable food culture in Newcastle. We need your help to inspire everyone in Newcastle to join our good food movement. Examples include recommending your favourite independent bakery, letting others to know about great volunteering opportunities or sharing your top tips on how to grow the tastiest strawberries.

Take part and submit your own ideas below, to help us create a sustainable food city for everyone.

  • Michael
    I deliver a meal once a week to my neighbour who lives on his own, I have done this since last summer as I was a little worried about him being so socially isolated.
  • Emma
    Join in with a community activity in your local area, such as a community allotment, or volunteer your time to support the organisation
  • William
    We signed up to the Riverford Organic Veg box scheme during lockdown, beautiful, tasty fresh veg and good value too.
  • Andrew
    Keeping it local makes sense – fresh and lower environmental impact. Some great local producers in the region.
  • Fiona
    check the labels on fruit and veg so you know where it’s been grown. Choose local/British when it’s in season.
  • Steph
    Eating and cooking with Seasonal British fruit, veg and meat to support British farmers, local butchers and greengrocers, as well as reduce the carbon footprint!
  • Jo
    To make the most of local outdoor food markets full of local food suppliers
  • Laura
    I’ve started composting my kitchen waste to reduce what goes to landfill.
  • Kate
    I buy the reduced price fruit & veg boxes from my local supermarket – they’re often near or past their best before dates, so I share the produce out with family to make sure it’s eaten quickly
  • Caroline
    Using stale bread for croutons after crisping up in the oven. Using old strawberry punnets as makeshift greenhouse lids over heat-loving plants and seedlings in our cold but sunny kitchen.
  • Duncan
    Redistribute surplus food to help reduce waste

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Support Your Community

These organisations are helping the community access free or affordable food, including foodbanks and community centres.

Eat Well

These organisations can help you take steps to making healthier choices, including developing cooking skills, and growing skills.

Shop Local

Looking for a way to boost the local economy, these partners can help you purchase local food & drinks.

Waste Less

We encourage you to find ways to reduce the amount of food you waste, these organisations can support you.


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