Block & Bottle Are Committed To A Sustainable Food Culture In Newcastle.

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Last week, we went along to Block & Bottle in Heaton to talk with founders Katie and Steven, and Store Manager Joel, about how their butchers and bottle shop fits in to Newcastle’s sustainable food culture.

Co-founder Katie with Store Manager, Joel.

Featured recently on the Hairy Bikers Go North, Block & Bottle is the U.K.’s first dedicated free range butcher and craft beer bottle shop. Katie and Steven’s initial motivation was to open a butchery where you could trust the meat, which is demonstrated by their ongoing commitment to leading the conversation about the responsible consumption of meat. To do this, they practice breaking down the barriers between understanding where your meat is from, to when it arrives on your plate, and encourage customers to ask about their food’s production.

Through their own expert knowledge, and labeling their meat, they can tell you when and where an animal has been killed, what breed it is and even who the farmer was. This is all part of their desire to provide a more sustainable and better quality option for those who choose to eat meat, and encourage consumers to appreciate the journey this food has taken to reach you. When it has been purchased, the produce is wrapped in paper, which can be recycled, rather than plastic.

Enjoy homemade pork pies

However, their approach to sustainability does not stop there. Block & Bottle are dedicated to supporting other local businesses in the Newcastle food scene and strengthening the local economy. They sell bread from Northern Rye, and in exchange, provide Northern Rye with meat for their sandwiches. Their extensive bottle collection includes produce from suppliers such as Wylam Brewery and Almasty Brewing Co.

When asked, “what does food culture in Newcastle mean to you”, Katie answered, “to us, food culture in Newcastle is about supporting small suppliers. We can do this as customers, but also as businesses supporting each other”. Because of this, when you support Block & Bottle, you are supporting many other local businesses. From local farmers, to bakeries and breweries, all at the same time.”

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